Discover a Breakthrough Coaching Model to Help Others Create Exceptional Results in Less Time! 

Introducing the new teleseminar…

Appreciative Engagement (AE) Coaching

with Jackie Kelm!

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Six-Week Teleseminar:

  • Week 1:  Coaching with an Appreciative Mindset  to bring out the best in others, with simple practices for developing and maintaining an appreciative mindset.
  • Week 2: Creating an Inspiring Vision for Change with multiple approaches to help others get “unstuck” and clear about what they want to do in a way that guides and motivates them throughout the change.
  • Week 3: Focusing the Change with a brief set of powerful questions to cut through complexity and emotional blinders and get to the core of what matters most, and what to address first.
  • Week 4: Learning the Art of Appreciative Questioning to reframe limiting beliefs, build self-efficacy, and inspire positive movement forward.
  • Week 5: Accelerating Results by tapping into best practices from neuroscience and performance experts to help others identify and commit to simple actions that will have the biggest impact and greatest chance of success.
  • Week 6: “Hardwiring” New Behaviors by using questions and techniques from the latest behavior change research to support people in staying the course and achieving long-term goals.

Each Week You’ll Add to Your Coaching Toolkit which Includes:

  • A step-by-step process to guide you through the entire coaching conversation.
  • A bank of questions for each step of the way.
  • Multiple techniques for helping others visualize the ideal future, and what to do when they don’t know what they want.
  • Behavior change best practices and exercises you can offer.
  • Daily exercises you can do or share with others to build an appreciative mindset.

Your Journey Will Be Led by Jackie Kelm, a 20-year Expert on Appreciative Inquiry.

Jackie Kelm has been an Appreciative Inquiry coach and consultant for over 20 years and is a Board Certified Coach and Heartmath Certified Coach.  She developed the Appreciative Engagement (AE) Coaching model several years ago, which allows her to create more powerful results for clients in less time than traditional coaching models. She is excited to finally be sharing this model with you!

Contribute to Jackie’s Next Book

Jackie is writing her third book on Appreciative Conversations and Coaching and is looking for additional examples to include. Each week you’ll have an opportunity to write-up and submit something for consideration, and if it’s chosen, you will be listed as a contributor in the book.

Each Week You Will:

  • Listen to a pre-recorded audio that takes about 20 minutes, which will explain the key ideas for that week. You can listen anytime during the week or right before the class if you wish.
  • Participate in a 90-minute teleseminar live, online, with Jackie and the other participants. It will be highly participative, and you will be able to get all your questions answered by Jackie.
  • Do daily exercises that take 15 minutes or less to help you practice and integrate the coaching techniques for that week.
  • Practice with a buddy (Optional) for a one hour call between classes to practice coaching each other. These begin the second week.
  • Videos, articles and additional resources (Optional) you may review as you wish.

Personal Coaching Session with Jackie

In addition to all of the above, you will have an opportunity to get a free coaching session with Jackie to work on anything you wish and experience the AE coaching process first-hand. You simply need to agree to allow her to record it for possible use elsewhere anonymously, after removing any and all parts of the conversation you wish.

For Coaches and Non-Coaches!

If you are a coach, this class will offer a new model and tools you can integrate seamlessly into your existing approach to help clients get better results in less time: But all of us, including coaches, are involved in informal coaching conversations in our daily work and lives. It might be helping a co-worker struggling with a difficult boss, talking with a friend working through a difficult divorce, or helping a teenager decide on a career. We are often talking with others who are struggling and trying to figure out what they want and how to make it happen, and this model can help you be much more effective in those conversations. (You can also use it to coach yourself!)

Small Class Size

Each teleseminar class will have no more than 20 people to allow for rich and meaningful discussion, and to assure you get all your questions answered.

Class Technology

  1. You will need a computer with an internet connection to access the class membership site which will have all your materials, audio recordings, and information for the class.
  2. The weekly calls will also be done online by computer, and having a set of basic headphones or earbuds will allow you to be hands-free for taking notes etc. There is a call-in only option if you necessary.
  3. All weekly classes will be recorded and posted to the membership site so you can watch again, or catch-up if you missed the class.

Teleseminar Schedule

Classes will begin mid-October 2017. The first people who register will complete a survey asking for the days and times they most prefer, and we will choose a time that works best from those responses.

Special Bonuses for the Next 3 People who Register!

BONUS #1:  Input on Class Day/Time by filling out a survey when you register asking what days and times work best for you. We will schedule the teleseminar based on these responses.

BONUS #2:  30-day follow-up group call with Jackie after the class ends to share experiences and answer any questions.

BONUS #3:  Free Ticket to January Teleseminar: The Inside Story of How to Write & Publish a Book.  Jackie will be holding a live teleseminar in January 2018 on how to write, edit, and self-publish a book easily with minimal cost, along with the best and least expensive resources to do it. She has been writing and publishing books since 2000, and has done it every way possible from boxes of books in her garage, to self publishing with a digital printer, to being published by Penguin, one of the largest book publishers in the world. She will also share what it takes to get a major publisher, and the pros and cons of that versus self-publishing. This will be a live teleseminar where you will be able to get all your questions answered.


Early Bird Pricing Ends Oct. 4th

Paid in Full: Early-Bird 6-week AE Coaching Teleseminar plus all bonuses:

$895 USD   $695 USD

Payment Plan: Early-Bird 6-week AE Coaching Teleseminar plus all bonuses:

$895 USD   $49 USD now, plus 2 monthly payments of $349


You Also Get Jackie’s Personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with the teleseminar for any reason, Jackie will refund whatever you feel is fair, including your full investment. (We have this guarantee on every program and have never had anyone ask for it yet!)

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel anytime up to two weeks before the teleseminar begins and receive a 100% refund, less a $35 administrative fee. Two weeks prior there are no refunds, but you may attend the next teleseminar for free and/or credit 100% of your investment towards any future Appreciative Engagement teleseminars, books, coaching, or other products.

Act now to be one of the three people who get to input on class schedule, attend the bonus 30-day follow-on call, and free ticket to the book writing teleseminar!


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This Stuff Really Works!

"The exercises soon became a wonderful part of my day, setting it up in a positive and grateful way that carried throughout the day.

When I am running late and do not do them, my day seems to be off track and full of challenges."

Rita D., Ashland, Ohio

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