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Introducing The…

6-Week Appreciative Living Home Study Course

Imagine what it would be like to awaken in the morning
feeling fully alive and inspired

…being able to find the positive aspects and potential
in ANY situation

having a clear vision for what you want most and taking inspired action to make it happen.

Discover what it means to “Live” Appreciative Inquiry and create the life of your dreams!

 Thank you so much Jackie. I am facing the future with great anticipation and am finding the joy everywhere I turn.

– Scottie O’Toole
Atlanta, GA


What I valued most was the reminder of just how much power I have over my emotional health and the strategies that I now have to keep it there.

– Karen Poole,
Corning, NY


In this Six-Week Program You Will….

  • Get happier & more energized as you learn to see and appreciate the good things.
  • Create greater success as you discover how to move past limiting beliefs and accelerate positive change.
  • Be naturally more appreciative in work and life, by doing simple daily exercises that neurologically shift your automatic thinking patterns.
  • Overcome challenges By learning to reframe them and uncover the hidden positive aspects and potential.
  • Improve difficult relationships in 3 simple steps to create more harmony and joy.
  • Get inspired by creating a life vision that is so inspiring it makes you want to get out of bed in the morning.
  • Take action to create your ideal life through the inspired action planning process helps you get “un-stuck” and take action on those things you’ve been avoiding or procrastinating on.

The Best from Past Online Classes

You’ll do all this and more in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule. Each week for six weeks you’ll receive an audio recording with detailed workbook materials that will guide you easily through the main ideas. The recordings were taken from the best of past Appreciative Living online classes, and include all presentations given by Jackie, along with the questions and discussions from participants. It will give you everything you need to know and do to apply this powerfully in your work and life.

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“I feel completely different and I’m just amazed that it’s been able to happen in six weeks. I’ve done my gratitude lists every day, I’ve done all of the work that has been assigned… and I finally feel like I have the tools to create the life I want to create. I know I can do it, I have hope, I’m excited, it’s been just an amazing experience.”

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“I came here expecting to learn things and come out with tools and all sorts of learning–which I did–but I never realized that I would be leaving with an internal shift that my whole world has become more positive… it’s really been an outstanding, amazing experience for me.”

Your Journey Will Be Led by the Expert Who Literally Wrote the Book on Appreciative Living

I’m Jackie Kelm, and I have been researching, speaking, and writing about the use of Appreciative Inquiry in daily living for 15 years. And yes, I wrote the book on it– two books, in fact: Appreciative Living, and The Joy of Appreciative Living.  This work has transformed my life beyond anything I ever dreamed possible, from developing closer relationships with my friends and family, to creating the business of my dreams. And now I want to share it all with you!

Flexible, & Designed with Your Busy Life In-Mind

This program can take as little or much time as you have available. If you are short on time you can do the minimum each week which includes about one hour to listen to the recordings, and 15 minutes each day to do the written exercises. You can also stretch  out the weeks and do it at slower pace if you wish. There are also optional extra videos, articles, and other resources for those who want to invest more time. You can also do the program over and over again as describe below!

Each Week You will Receive:

 I have found your workshop to be very powerful and personally transformational. I think a major reason for your work’s success has been the terrific tools and exercises you’ve developed. In addition, I think you’re a suburb teacher!”

– Lucille J.

Chevy Chase, MD

  • Engaging class recordings from the best of previous Appreciative Living online classes. You’ll hear Jackie lead the class  while participants ask questions and share their experiences.
  • Detailed Workbook File including class presentation summary notes.
  • Weekly exercise instructions with templates so you will know exactly what to do each week.
  • Additional materials including videos, articles, and links to other resources that reinforce the key ideas.


Choose the Way You Do The Program

The program is flexible so you can do it any way that works best for you. The home-study materials will automatically be emailed to you each week after signing-up, and  you can download the recordings or listen to them online.

For live coaching sessions with Jackie, you will be sent a link to her schedule where you can sign up for the days and times that work best for you. Calls can be done by phone or Skype, with or without video as you choose.

A life-Long Program

This is a timeless program you can come back to again and again.  It is a great way to start the new year or kick your life into gear, and also to help get you through hard times. The course was specifically designed to make it easy for you to go back and do again.

There is a “repeat” option where you can re-do the 6-week class again by just listening to the exercise recordings and doing the daily exercises. This only takes about a half hour once a week, plus 15 minutes a day for the exercises. This way you can easily refresh your vision and re-align your thinking. You can do some of the weeks or all of them, or even stretch it out if you’re going through something difficult. It is a wonderful life tool you’ll come back to again and again!

Tools for Coaches and AI Consultants

There is a lot of talk in the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) community about “Walking the Talk,” or “Being Appreciative Inquiry,” but the reality is that AI does not automatically transfer into your personal life by using it with organizations.

To truly “Live AI” or “Be AI” you need to be doing regular personal practices that shift your thinking habits to be more appreciative and possibility focused in daily work and life. This program will give you those practices, and other new tools you may want to use with clients.

And you’ll find that as you learn to “Live Appreciative Inquiry” and really understand it on a personal level, you’ll be able to apply AI in new and creative ways with others. You’ll also be much more effective as you’ll be role modeling the principles you teach.

Click on the Arrow to Hear More Comments from Live Participants:

Click below to listen to what another participant had to say

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“I cannot tell you what a life-changing six weeks this has been for me. It has just really given me a new outlook and focus on my life and I hope to continue to practice these principles…”


“Well, this has been fabulous. What I’m taking away is inspiration and motivation to live in joy and the positive orientation in life. So I’m looking forward to more Jackie. This is fabulous.”


“…after I signed up I started thinking, ‘ok, what do I want to get out of this?’ and it was really clear to me that I wanted to have a vision for the next few years of my life and that I had all these thoughts in my head and this has helped me get very, very clear about what it is I want. And the actions are just happening because of that very clear vision. And so I’m extremely excited. I’m just thrilled.”

Plus You Get these 2 Bonuses:

BONUSE #1: A downloadable file of the First Three Chapters of The Joy of Appreciative Living book so you can get started right away with the optional reading that supports the work you’ll be doing.

BONUSE #2: The Appreciative Living Ezine “Top-10” including the most popular monthly ezines written by Jackie Kelm over the past seven years on how to use Appreciative Inquiry in specific situations. These include:

  • End Procrastination Now!
  • Pulling Out of Negative Spirals
  • Finding the Silver Lining in Tough Situations
  • How to Enjoy the Work You Do
  • Appreciative Time Management
  • Loss & Grief: The Secret to Moving On
  • Finding Joy with a Sick Parent
  • The Top 5 Regrets of Dying People
  • The Scariest Thing That Never Happened
  • The Small Things are the Big Things


6-Week Home Study Course, Plus 2 Bonuses.

$89 USD   $49 USD



It helped me change my focus in a very difficult period of my life. It was inspiring and gave me concrete tools for my every day practice.

– Charlotte Dalsgaard

Nibe, Denmark


Order Now To:

  • Get happier & more energized.
  • Create greater success.
  • Be naturally more appreciative.
  • Improve difficult relationships.
  • Overcome challenges.
  • Get inspired.
  • Take action to create your idea life.
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"The exercises soon became a wonderful part of my day, setting it up in a positive and grateful way that carried throughout the day.

When I am running late and do not do them, my day seems to be off track and full of challenges."

Rita D., Ashland, Ohio

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