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The Joy of Appreciative Living Book: Your 28-Day Plan to Greater and Happiness in 3 Incredibly Easy Steps. By Jacqueline Kelm
The Original Book:
Appreciative Living: The Principles of Appreciative Inquiry in Personal Life
By Jacqueline Kelm.
Note: This book is available for the visually impaired on the Reading for Blind and Dyslexic website
Appreciative Living: Getting Started. $9.95 This book provides an overview of the Appreciative Principles and simple exercises to get started. You can get this book for free electronically by signing up for our list at the bottom of this pageOrder Book Now!

Learning Circle Facilitator Training Package
A “Workshop-in-a-box” with everything you need to run a 4-week class on Appreciative Living. Charge what you want, run as many as you want, and keep all the profit!
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Jackie Kelm
The Joy Engineer
Appreciative Living, LLC
This Stuff Really Works!

"The exercises soon became a wonderful part of my day, setting it up in a positive and grateful way that carried throughout the day.

When I am running late and do not do them, my day seems to be off track and full of challenges."

Rita D., Ashland, Ohio

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