Appreciative Inquiry Information:

AI Commons: The Case Western Reserve University website contains the biggest warehouse of AI information, including case studies, articles, project packs, and more.

AI Listserve: This is the main listserve of the AI community. Click on this link for information or to join.

AI Practitioner: This quarterly Appreciative Inquiry newsletter put together by Anne Radford contains the latest thinking and activities of AI practitioners. Older issues are available for free download on the website, and a moderately priced subscription gives you four issues a year.

OvationNet: This Is a collaborative effort between David Cooperrider and iCohere to merge on-line learning and web community technologies with Appreciative Inquiry. This website provides information on currently available on-line AI workshops, e-learning, and toolkits.

Non-Profit Appreciative Inquiry (AI)-Based Organizations:

BAWB: The Case Center for Business as Agent of World Benefit provides opportunities for the global business sector to act in the highest interests of humanity and the world, while, at the same time, advancing its growth and profitability.

Images and Voices of Hope: Fosters international conversations that raise awareness of those in the media as to the ultimate impact of their stories and images on the world.

Imagine Chicago: Helps cities build intergenerational and intercultural networks of individuals and organizations committed to developing a vital city-wide community. This model is being used in other cities and countries including LA, Dallas, Washington, Oakland, Australia, England, Scotland, and Yugoslavia.

The Positive Aging Newsletter by Ken and Mary Gergen “brings to light resources—from scientific research on aging, gerontology practices, and daily life—that contribute to an appreciation of the aging process.” It’s free, and I love it…

Positive Change Corps: Brings AI to schools, by providing consulting, structure, and processes for schools to engage in appreciative conversations designed to facilitate change.

The Taos Institute: This community of scholars and practitioners promotes the concepts of social construction, and was the home of many of the original AI workshops. The Taos Focus Book series contains a number of books by different authors aimed at specific topics within AI.

The United Religions Initiative promotes enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.

WORTH: This Global Women’s Empowerment Program gives poor women in communities around the world the opportunity to discover their inherent power and capacity to change the horizons that have limited them. Since WORTH began, 125,000 poor women have doubled their savings, tripled the number who can read and write, and quadrupled the number in business.

Other Related Positive-Focused Websites:

Authentic Happiness: This is the website of Dr. Martin Seligman, one of the founders of the positive psychology movement. It contains information on the latest research and thinking in this field, as well as his free VIA Signature Strengths survey for assessing your personal strengths.

Barbara Fredrickson’s Website: This UNC Chapel Hill professor does extensive research on positive emotion, and copies of her articles are posted here. She developed the “Broaden and Build Theory” of positive emotion and recently published the book Positivity.

Margaret Wheatley’s Website: Wheatley is a speaker, consultant, and writer who applies living systems theory to organizations and communities. Her site contains articles, poetry, workshops & more.

Public Conversations Project: This organization helps people with fundamental disagreements over divisive issues (such as abortion) develop mutual understanding and trust. Website includes resources such as articles, toolkits, case studies, and more to help create constructive dialogue.

Sonja Lyubomirsky’s Website: This Standford professor is the author of The How of Happiness, and does extensive research on human happiness. Copies of here articles and work can be found on this site.

Happiness: 6 Myths & Truths : This is a great article on the Web MD website.

Business Consultants/Organizations Using Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry Unlimited – The home site of AI consultants Jane Watkins and Ralph Kelly, who consult and run workshops. David Cooperrider refers to Jane as “his mentor,” and she is co-author of the book Appreciative Inquiry: Change at the Speed of Imagination. Jane and Ralph run an AI-based couples retreat, and have also done extensive work in South Africa.

Corporation for Positive Change – The consulting firm of Diana Whitney and Amanda Trosten-Bloom, who are authors of the book The Power of Appreciative Inquiry. They have done extensive work in the for-profit sector, including well known AI cases such as British Airways, John Deere, Roadway Express, & Hunter Douglas. Diana has authored and co-authored a number of AI books and articles, and they offer workshops as well as an AI certification program.

Gervase Bushe’s Website: Bushe is an author of several AI books and articles including Clear Leadership. He is a professor and consultant, and his website contains a variety of interesting articles and thoughts about AI in organizations.

Innovation Partners International – This partnership of approximately ten business consultants works with organizations using Appreciative Inquiry to help solve complex challenges. In addition to consulting services, they also offer workshops and do speaking engagements.

Life Balance Toolkit: Lynn Murphy provides free tips and information on her site to help you find balance in your life. She is based out of the UK and offers coaching and workshops as well.

Parent Coaching: Sound Parent offers coaching services, workshops, and a newsletter by 4 women who went through extensive AI-based parent coach training at the Parent Coaching Institute.

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