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People with MS and their caregivers got significantly happier** by attending Appreciative Living Learning Circles run by the Ohio Buckeye Chapter of The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS). The results were so successful, the National MS Society recommended them to chapters across the country. Read the comments below to see what trial participants had to say:


Comments participants wrote on their evaluations:

“It reminded me that even though I have MS, I can still be happy and think positive.”

“It gave me a new way of thinking and reminded me not to think so negative.”

“I found there are many people ‘just like me.'”

“I have MS and by attending the Learning Circles, I am more
active in doing exercises with my bike.”

“Starting the day with positive thoughts can make the day be more positive.”

“Doing this program together has put my wife (MS) and myself (Caregiver) in a more understanding attitude.”

“I love this time and the new friends I have made. I know I am not alone anymore.”

Cleveland MS Learning Circle

In 2009 a separate group of people with MS and their caregivers ran an Appreciative Living Learning Circle on their own.

Here’s What Cleveland participants wrote on their evaluations:

“The Learning Circles made me more open to change and
I am now more appreciative of all that I have.”

“I feel this process is transformational; it can result in a whole new context for living!”

“I am eating better. Much better.”

“They gave me an awareness and appreciation of others
and their struggles and that I have so much to be thankful for.”

“While appreciating the physical abilities that I do have, I became
acutely aware of my abandonment of an exercise program…
I have found immediate benefit to returning to exercise.”

“It was good to be able to hear different perspectives that
opened up my thinking. I gained a new level of awareness.”

How to Find a Learning Circle or Start Your Own

If you would like to become a facilitator and run your own Learning Circle, find out about our Facilitator Training Package here. Anyone can run these classes, and it is simple to learn how.

If you would like to attend a Learning Circle, contact one of our Learning Circle Facilitators in  your area. Learning Circles are available in several countries and many states.

About the Learning Circles

Appreciative Living Learning Circles are based on the principles of Appreciative Living created by Jackie Kelm, which teach people how to see and experience the good in their lives right now.  The Learning Circles were created out of a collective vision created by over 70 people from 6 countries who want to see these ideas spread into the world.

**NMSS Ohio Chapter Learning Circle Trial Results

The NMSS Ohio Buckeye Chapter ran 4 Learning Circle trials in May 2010 in the Cleveland Ohio area. The groups met once a week for 4 weeks, for 90 minutes each time. Participant data was collected before and after, showing people got significantly happier by attending the program.

The graph below show response to general questions about overall experience. (Click on image to enlarge it, and hit your “back” button to return to this page)


TED Video on Treating MS with Diet

This is a fascinating video by Dr. Terry Wahls called “Minding Your Mitochondria” where she explains how she reversed her MS through diet. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLjgBLwH3Wc&feature=youtu.be


Questions about the Learning Circles?

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"The exercises soon became a wonderful part of my day, setting it up in a positive and grateful way that carried throughout the day.

When I am running late and do not do them, my day seems to be off track and full of challenges."

Rita D., Ashland, Ohio

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