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Appreciative Living Learning Circles are 4-week classes that are proven to help people get significantly happier by applying Appreciative Living to everyday life. They are a great way to help others find greater joy and success, and some coaches use them as a way to help build their client base. They are being run all over the world, and you can Click here to read our vision

It’s a “Business in a Box”
This program contains everything you need to know and do to run 4-weekly, 90-minute Appreciative Living Learning Circles. You may charge what you want and keep any profit. You can run them as many times as you want for three full years.  The materials include a facilitator guide and participant guide, audio training recordings, marketing tips, ideas on where to hold Learning Circles, pricing guidelines and more. It’s like a business in a box! (Note – the program allows one person only to run the learning circles. If you want to use them on a larger scale please email us for an extended use license)

Learn how to “Be” Appreciative Inquiry
There is a saying in Appreciative Inquiry that to “do it,” you have to “be it.”  Facilitating this work will help you “be it” and apply Appreciative Living more fully into your own life to embody the principles.

Here’s what one facilitator from
Atlanta, GA had to say:

“We completed our final Learning Circle last night. I was blown away with the growth the participants reported that they are making!…the group was saddened to say goodbye, but they were upbeat about continuing to use the exercises and principles.”

– Neal Kuhlhorst

No Expertise or Previous Experience Required
Great care was taken in the design of the Learning Circles to make them easy to run. No previous expertise is required, and as long as you can read, you can run a Learning Circle. Facilitators participate equally right alongside others, with the added role of guiding the process.

You are Guided Every Step of the Way
The Facilitator Guide explains everything you need to know, and the Annotated Participant Guide walks you step-by-step through the classes and tells you exactly what to say and do. The lessons, exercises and discussions are written out in the Participant Guide and read by the group, so all you have to do is lead them from one item on the agenda to the next. Even the agenda for each week is provided in detail, telling you exactly how much time to take for each part and when to move on. You are guided every step of the way.

The Program Design is Outstanding
You will be impressed with the quality and depth of the materials. A year and a half of design, planning, revamping, piloting, and modifying went into creating them, and no detail was overlooked. Over 70 people gave input from across the world for the initial design, many of whom were professional trainers and facilitators. Additional pilots and revisions were made with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the program is truly exceptional.

All Materials are Downloadable
The materials include downloadable files for the detailed Facilitator Guide, Annotated Participant Guide, and regular Participant Guide. You can print as many Participant Guides as you wish. There is also an extensive Facilitator Support Page which includes tips for printing Participant Guides, marketing tips, pricing guidelines, and more.

Listing on the Appreciative Living Website
As a registered facilitator, you may be listed on our website here if you wish: Facilitator Listing Page

Audio Training Recordings
In four audio recordings, Jackie Kelm teaches you everything you need to know to run a Learning Circle. In addition to walking you through the weekly design, it includes Appreciative Facilitation tips, such as how to keep conversations positively focused, how to handle dominant participants, and how to redirect the group in appreciative ways. The 4 recordings include:

1. Overview: Everything you need to know and do to run a Learning Circle.
2. Week 1: Detailed walk-through of the first Learning Circle.
3. Weeks 2-4: Overview of weeks 2-4 and what to expect.
4. Appreciative Facilitation: Appreciative tips and techniques to help you run your Learning Circle successfully.

Appreciative Inquiry Insider
Jackie operates in a highly collaborative style, and turns to the facilitator group when looking for help on projects or piloting new products and services. She also give special discounts to Learning Circle facilitators, so it is a great way to become an “insider” in the Appreciative Living community.

Common Questions:

What Do You Have to Do to Run a Learning Circle?
1. Purchase the Facilitator Registration Package which includes audio training recordings that walk you through the entire process. Listen to the recordings and follow along in the Facilitator Guide and annotated Participant Guide.
2. Read one of the Appreciative Living books to familiarize yourself with the work.
3. Read the vision, and agree to act in alignment with it.

“I just finished my first Learning Circle!!! Awesome! I want more 🙂 What I believe worked are two things: First, was the easiness for people to step in (no long therapeutic sessions or difficult concepts.).. Second, to work with Appreciative Living in a group helps people think about ideas and bring in more perspectives than you have yourself, and that inspires people. It also stimulates accountability. Thank you so much Jackie, for bringing Appreciative Living into my life!!!”

– Anja Doornbos

Facilitator in The Netherlands

How Long Does it Takes to Prepare Each Week?
Very little preparation is involved each week. The only thing you need to do is review the class agenda for that week, and we give you a variety of ways to do this. There are one page written overviews in the Facilitator Guide, one page detailed agenda summaries, and short audio overviews for each week. The average reported prep time from experienced facilitators is around 45 minutes each week after the first session.

What Materials Do I Need to Run a Learning Circle?
The facilitator uses the Annotated Participant Guide, and everyone in the group (including the facilitator) needs one Learning Circle Participant Guide, and one of the two  Appreciative Living books. Facilitators will need to print Participant Guides, and can choose whether to provide the book or have participants purchase the books.  The books can be reused, or in some cases borrowed from the library. You can also purchase books in bulk at a discount with free shipping, even to international locations.

What are the Two Appreciative Living books?
The materials were designed to work with either book, so you can choose either of the following:

  1. Appreciative Living: The Principles of Appreciative Inquiry in Personal Life
  2. The Joy of Appreciative Living: Your 28-Day Plan to Greater Happiness in 3 Incredibly Easy Steps.

How Do I Find Participants?
It is ideal if you already have an audience or client base, and the program includes tips for finding additional participants and marketing to them along with a sample flyer. You may also list your contact information on the Appreciative Living Facilitator webpage, and people may find you from there as well.

“I feel this process is transformational. It can result in a whole new context for living!”

– Richard McKenna

Facilitator in Cleveland, OH

Many Many People in a Learning Circle?
No more than ten participants in a Learning Circle, and the ideal number is 5-7. Smaller groups have the advantage of greater intimacy in sharing, and larger groups offer more varieties in perspective.

Can These be Run Virtually as a Teleseminar?
The Learning Circles are designed to be run in-person. If you want to run them online, please email us for permission. It requires experience with online facilitation, and groups can’t be larger than 5 people.

What Happens After 3 Years are Up?
After three years, you can renew your registration for just $39 for 3 more years. Registration includes permission to print Participant Guides and run Learning Circles, your contact information listing on the Registered Facilitator webpage, access to the support webpage, participation in any facilitator group calls, and inclusion in the email list.

Are Other Languages are Available?
The Learning Circles materials are in English, but the Participant Guide has been translated into Catalain. We are also currently working on translating the Participant Guides into Chinese and French. Please note the classes require participants to read the books for additional information, and as of now, the only translations of the books are in Korean and French. Please contact us if you have questions about running Learning Circles in other languages.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the Facilitator Registration Package.  If you are not satisfied for any reason, just return the materials within 15 days of purchase for a full refund.

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$298.00 USD

Includes Everything below for 3 years from date of purchase:

  • Certificate of Registration for individuals and small organizations, with permission to run unlimited Learning Circles.
  • Permission to print unlimited Participant Guides.
  • Permission to charge what you want for your Learning Circle and keep all the profit.
  • Your name and contact info on the Registered Facilitator Webpage.
  • Facilitator Guide, Participant Guide, and Annotated Participant Guide
  • 4-part Audio Training Series including Appreciative Facilitation
  • Pilot/Insider Opportunities
  • Facilitator Support Page with marketing tips, pricing tips and more
  • Ability to extend you license registration and continue running Learning Circles after three years for only $39/year.

*Use your preferred email address:
The email address you enter for ordering will be used to send all materials and licenses, as well as the invitation to join the email list. Be sure to use your preferred address.

Payback on Your Investment:
People often want to know how long it will take for them to get back the money they invested in the facilitator package, and it depends on how many people you have, how much you charge, how much you pay for books and shipping, and other variables. A conservative rough estimate based in the US, is between 1-2 Learning Circles if you have approximately 5-7 people in each one.

How & when do I get everything?
After you order, a welcome email will be sent to you with a link to the facilitator support page. This page contains everything you need including all the materials, links to audio recordings, and how to access all the other items listed above.

What Facilitators Are Saying…

"I just wanted to tell you about my first meeting of my first
Learning Circle with 6 other woman. We had a great time, lots
of laughs and some personal stories. One lady in her 70's
taught me so much even in this first evening about being
resilient,resourceful and responsible for our own health and
wellbeing. I would like to integrate these principles into my
own life more often and I look forward to doing more of them!"

Ros Lee, Tauranga Bay, New Zealand. 










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This Stuff Really Works!

"The exercises soon became a wonderful part of my day, setting it up in a positive and grateful way that carried throughout the day.

When I am running late and do not do them, my day seems to be off track and full of challenges."

Rita D., Ashland, Ohio

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