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Learning Circles are 90 minute classes held once a week that are proven to help people become truly happier by learning how to apply Appreciative Living, to everyday life. They are done live in a warm, supportive, small group setting.

Where & when are they held?
Learning Circles are primarily running in the US, with some in Canada, England, The Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, and a few other countries. They are held in a variety of places from churches and businesses to community centers and homes. They are run once a week for 4 weeks, and last one and half hours each week.

What do you talk about?
In the first week you’ll discover how to look at what is going on in your life, and how to look at it differently to see new and better ways of dealing with it. The next three weeks explore a simple 3-step model for handling difficult situations and relationships, and creating what you most want in your life.

Are there specialized Learning Circles?
Some are focused on a specific area such as parenting, career, grief, or creating abundance. But most Learning Circles are general, allowing you to work on whatever is important to you in your life.

What materials are used?
Each person is given a Participant Guide and a copy of one of the Appreciative Living books. The guide contains all the readings, discussion questions, and home exercises for the Learning Circle.

My mother very unexpectedly passed away in May of last year. She was scheduled to move into our mother-in-law suite in June, so the shock of her death was a major part of my grieving process. I attended grief workshops, read books on grieving, prayed to God, and talked to our friends and family. However, nothing could relieve the pain of my suffering. When we signed up for the Appreciative Living Learning Circles through our church this year, I had no idea that it would be the solution I was seeking to understand this dynamic woman’s death. By applying the principles and doing the exercises in Jackie’s book, I was forced to examine the positive elements of mom’s death instead of focusing on the loss. While I admit it took several attempts to do this, both sides of the curtain did “open up” and give me a full “view” of both sides of the loss. This brought the peace I had been seeking and the understanding that you can accept the loss of a family member you loved with all of your heart. These principles are the keys to having joy in your life again.
Brenda Mauritz, Georgia

Is this like putting on rose-colored glasses?
One of the biggest misunderstandings with Appreciative Living is that it is about ignoring problems or pretending everything is fine. This is just the opposite. It is about learning to expand your view of reality to see the good things that truly exist right alongside the bad. We are so culturally focused on the negative that many of us cannot literally see the positive things right in front of us. The irony is that the more you learn to see the good in yourself and your life, the more motivated and inspired you are to dive-in and work on your problems. You actually learn to expand your view of reality, not cover it up.

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Is there homework?
Each week you are given exercises to help you “retrain your brain” to apply what you learn in the classes. The homework takes less than 10 -15 minutes a day, so it is reasonable to do with busy schedules. There is also reading each week, and the time for that varies with each person.

How did these get started?
Jackie Kelm asked for a group of  volunteers to help design an introductory class on Appreciative Living that could be taught by anyone. She was hoping for about twenty volunteers, and ended up with over 70 people from across the world. The first thing they did was create a united collective vision for the Learning Circles, which was essentially about helping people create a more joyful life that would ripple out to the world. So while the Learning Circles are powerful for personal change, they also help move us all towards a more peaceful planet. Click here to read the Learning Circle Vision.

More appreciative and open to change….
“The Learning Circles made me more open to change, and I am now more appreciative of all that I have.”

Who designed these?
Jackie Kelm did the initial design based on her extensive training and facilitation background. It was then reviewed and revised by more than 70 people from across the US and internationally in an extensive online collaborative process. The reviewers were from all walks of life with many being professional trainers and facilitators. The design was piloted and further improved over six more months, resulting in the stellar program available today.

Much to be grateful for…
“The Learning Circles gave me an awareness and appreciation of others and their struggles and that I have so much to be thankful for.”

How many people are in a Learning Circle?
They can range in size from 3-10 people.

How much do they cost?
The fee varies by group, and most are reasonably priced.

How do I find one near me?
Email us at Admin@AppreciativeLiving.com and we will tell you if there is one running near you. We have facilitators in over six countries with new ones signing up every day – would you like to be one of them? Click Here to Learn How to Start Your Own Learning Circle