Learning Circles

for Episcopal Church Leaders

To Grow Membership & Avoid Burnout

Hi – I’m Jackie Kelm…

Jackie Kelm

Founder of Appreciative Living

As the founder of Appreciative Living, I’m really excited to be offering this program to help Episcopal Church leaders thrive while growing membership at the same time.

The program will use Appreciative Living Learning Circles, a well-established 4-week class for helping participants deal successfully with life’s challenges and navigate major transitions. They have been run in 9 countries by coaches and consultants, and by organizations such as The Duke Integrative Medical Center & The National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The Learning Circles can be tailored to any topic, and Church leaders will get to experience them to help reduce stress and identify opportunities to grow membership. Upon completion of the program, Church Leaders will get permission and materials to run the Learning Circles to support existing members in any area, attract new ones, or for any purpose desired.

This 6-Week Program Will Provide:

  • Proven Appreciative Living techniques to reduce worry, stress, or overwhelm and feel happier and lighter.

  • Opportunites to brainstorm and share faith community growth best practices with other Church leaders.

  • Increased clarity about what needs to be done and the confidence and motivation to do it.

  • Licensing and materials to teach Appreciative Living Learning Circles in your Church to expand membership or support members.

I was blown away by the power of the Learning Circles. I wasn’t sure what the impact would be given the challenges of COVID-19, but participants were able to make huge shifts in their perspectives to see what was good and understand the things they could impact, giving them the strength to persevere. I am loving this so much!

– Csssandra O’Neill, Author & Founder of Leadership Alchemy.

The 6-Week Program has 4 Main Components:

1. Weekly, Live, Small-Group Classes with Jackie Kelm

Each week will include a 90-minute live Zoom call with a small group of other Church Leaders led by Jackie. Calls will be interactive and engaging, with no more than 14-16 people to keep conversations deep, meaningful, and personally relevant.

2. Embedded Learning Circle Training

Week 1 will be an introduction to the Learning Circles and overview of Appreciative Living. In weeks 2-5 you will actually be doing the 4-Week Learning Circle Program, which is a generic program that can be focused on any topic. Our topic will be expanding membership wile reducing stress and overwhelm. Week 6 will be application discussions and exploration of how to incorporate Appreciative Living further into your Church or personal life.

3. Comprehensive Workbook & Training Materials

The Learning Circles materials are extensive and listed below. They include a detailed Participant Workbook, Annotated Participant Guide, Facilitator Guide, and more. The materials can easily be tailored to any topic such as dealing with stress and overwhelm, job loss, family issues, or for general support groups. It is very well organized so there is little time required to plan or prepare.

4. Daily Practices

You’ll have simple 10-15 minute daily practices that will help you integrate the mindset techniques to reduce stress and be open to creative growth solutions. You will be given clear written instructions and templates so you know exactly what to do, how, and when each week.

5. Optional Buddy Calls

There is an option for you during the Learning Circle segment to pair up with someone else in the class each week for a 45-minute structured call to share learnings and insights. You’re given a clear set of questions to follow and participants often find this to be incredibly valuable, but it is optional.

I took the Learning Circles into the schools as a past principal and school board member, and the results were incredible. Teachers shared key ideas with students and saw an improvement in academics as student-to-student conversation improved. Parents noticed a change as well and started asking, “What’s going on? My child came home and gave me a hug today…”

The impact has been far reaching, and I continue to share them in the schools and everywhere I can, from assisted living centers to coffee shops.

– Hank Gallina, California

Here’s What You Do Each Week of The Learning Circle (AL) Portion (Weeks 2-5 of the Program)

AL 1 (Week 2)

Build an Appreciative Mindset. Learn what an Appreciative Mindset is, why it’s critical for growing membership, and how to develop it.

  • Discover the core principles that make up the Appreciative Mindset.
  • Explore a technique that can help you feel better in any situation.
  • Practice the core tool that will retrain your brain to develop this Mindset automatically.

AL 2 (Week 3)

Get Unstuck. Discover how to move past limiting thoughts and fears holding you back to take action and see new possibilities.

  • Discover how we get stuck in negative thinking and how to get unstuck.
  • Explore a powerful technique to deal with faith community growth challenges and find new solutions.
  • Practice reframing daily struggles to gain new insights and create more clarity, peace and joy.


AL 3 (Week 4)

Create Your Ideal Day. Learn how to simplify and get clear about what you want in your Church and life, and then make it happen.

  • Discover how to figure out what you really want instead of what you think you want.
  • Learn to focus on what you control and let go of what you don’t.
  • Practice a 10-minute technique to define and create your ideal day to do what matters most.

AL 4 (Week 5)

Deal with Difficult People. Learn a powerful process to transform  your relationships.

  • Discover the key to thriving in difficult relationships.
  • Learn how to take inspired action to create what you really want with a challenging person.
  • Practice the 3-step process to improve a difficult relationship.
My mother unexpectedly passed away the month before she was scheduled to move into our mother-in-law suite, so the shock of her death was a major part of my grieving process. I attended grief workshops, read books on grieving, prayed to God, and talked to our friends and family. However, nothing could relieve the pain of my suffering… The Learning Circles brought the peace I had been seeking and the understanding that you can accept the loss of a family member you loved with all of your heart. These principles are the keys to having joy in your life again.”

– Brenda Mauritz, Georgia

Along with the 6-Week Program, You Get a “Workshop in a Box.

Includes everything you need to run Learning Circles:

  • Facilitator training recordings that walk you through everything you need to know and do to run a Learning Circle.

  • Detailed Facilitator Guide and Annotated Participant Guide that lead you every step of the way through the weekly agendas.

  • Powerpoint Slides you can use or not as you wish that follow along with the materials. You can change the colors, logo, and whatever you wish to align with your branding.

  • Checklists for planning, preparing, and knowing when you are ready to run a Learning Circle.

  • Marketing support materials including website copy, advertising ideas, and pricing guidelines. 

  • Permission to run as many Circles as you want, charge if you wish, and keep any profit.


First 10 People to Register Get This Great Bonus!

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The Episcopal Church is subsidising half the registration for the first 10 people who sign up! 

“I’ve been offering classes for personal growth for over 20 years, and the Appreciative Learning Circle program is, by far, the best organized, practical, results-oriented design I’ve encountered.  The workbook is comprehensive and easy to follow… The facilitator’s guide is complete and covers everything one needs to know to prepare and present the material. I’ve never had it so easy…and Those who participate in the class consistently reflect on the deep, personal shifts and “aha’s” they have…”

– Paula Pociecha, Minister & Evolutionary Coach 

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“I am so glad I became a facilitator for the Appreciative Living Learning Circles. The materials are so easy to follow. You have a guide to follow with exactly what to say and checklists of what to prep ahead. It took just a little time to get ready for each class. The time flew and people opened up. Everyone loved them. They wanted them to go on after the four weeks. This is definitely something I want to continue.  Best investment ever.” 

– Teresa Pangan, PhD, RDN www.PowerPackedEating.com

What do I do After Ordering?

1. Order the Book

You will need a copy of The Joy of Appreciative Living. See the FAQ below for more info on this.

2. Watch for a Login Email

An email will be sent a week prior to the start of class with your membership login information. You can access all the class materials and info there.

3. Take the Class!

Classes are from 3-4:30pm EST. They begin March 6th and end April 10th.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for the class? You will need one copy of The Joy of Appreciative Living book and you need to purchase this yourself on Amazon. If you want an electronic copy, The Amazon site says “kindle edition” but this will work on almost any electronic device. You will also need a computer or other electronic device with a camera and internet connection to participate on Zoom calls and access your online materials.

When does the program start & end? Classes go from 3-4:30pm Eastern Time on Wednesdays beginning March 6 and ending April 10th.

What if I can’t make a class, or the final day and time? All classes will be recorded so you can watch later. If you can’t make the final day and time, you may still choose to participate with the recordings. If you would rather not do this, you can withdraw for a full refund.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society ran a pilot program with the Learning Circles. Below are comments from participants and their caregivers:

  • “They made me more open to change & I’m now more appreciative of all that I have.”
  • “I feel this process is transformational; it can result in a whole new context for living!”
  • “It gave me a new way of thinking and reminded me not to think so negative.”
  • “I love this time and the new friends I have made. I know I am not alone anymore.”

Questions? Call (704) 799-0975 (not a texting number) or email Admin@AppreciativeLiving.com