Appreciative Living Coaching Level 1 teaches you the broad fundamentals of change. Level 2 takes you deep into them.

Level 2 is About the Science of Behavior Change

There are a lot of theories about why we do what we do and how to change it, and many of them of them are either incorrect or incomplete and can actually make things worse in some cases. Look at the success rates of addiction treatment programs and you’ll see that behavior change is still a mystery to many, including a lot of professionals.

It turns out that the reasons we do what we do are pretty straight forward and consistent. Whether it is sugar addiction, binge eating, procrastination, types of depression, and other negative habits, the underlying mechanics driving behavior is the same. Once you understand this, there is very little that can come your way in coaching or your personal life that you will not know how to address.

I Have a Truly Unique Approach & Understanding

I developed a debilitating form of depression called anhedonia from taking too many antibiotics in 2013. Anhedonia has an added physical component where the brain cannot produce “feel-good” neurotransmitters such as dopamine and seratonin, which makes it even more difficult to treat than stopping an addiction. I searched and searched for answers and there were none, other than medications that didn’t help.

So I began studying neuroscience intensely and learned how the brain pathways grow and change. I created targeted exercises to shut down the pathways that were keeping me stuck in anhedonia, and created different exercises to grow new neural connections that allowed me to feel. It worked, and I now offer this program to others, and to my knowledge there is still nothing else out there that works for anhedonia.

Freedom to Truly Create What You Want in Your Life

The basic way you build, stop, or change habits and patterns (strong ones are called addictions) is the same neurologically. This class will take the mystery out of human behavior, including your own, and give you a whole new freedom to create your life deliberately and not be ruled by negative thoughts and beliefs.

This Knowledge Will Set You Apart From Other Coaches 

I believe the information in level 1 is different and powerful enough to put you ahead of most coaches, but level two will take it to another level. You will be able to help people address long-term habits and patterns that have kept them stuck their whole lives. This expertise can also allow you to differentiate and even charge more in some cases as you will be able to help people in the most difficult situations.

Move Forward On Your Own Biggest Challenge

I’ll guide you through a process to identify an area that will have the biggest impact on moving your life forward. You’ll spend the course making improvements in this area, or any other place you choose. Perhaps there is something you have been stuck with your whole life, or simply just want to change – whatever it is, we’ll help you do it. We often have a nice range of issues (I’ve personally moved through binge eating, depression, excessive drinking, and probably others things I’m in denial about LOL!) so you’ll get to watch others move through unwanted behaviors and negative habits while you do the same. It will really increase your confidence in changing yourself and coaching others as you see the tools really work.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Course:

  • Visioning Deeper Dive: Overview of the different parts of the brain, and how to distinguish a “should” from a true desire. We’ll also look at some common client visioning issues and how to address them.
  • Distinguishing “shoulds” from “wants;” Clients (and ourselves) often live in a world of “shoulds” which is draining, confusing, and exhausting. You’ll learn how to distinguish a should from a true desire and let go of the guilt and heaviness that comes from living a life of “shoulds.”
  • The Two Types of Trauma: How the two types of trauma cause or contribute to unwanted patterns and ways to address it.
  • The Structure of Habits & Beliefs:  Explanation of the neuroscience behind habit formation,  how they can be changed, and how beliefs play a central role in supporting or hindering the process.
  • Cultivating the Necessary Beliefs: Looking at the key beliefs for success that need to be created, eliminated, or changed, and how to do it.
  • The Role of Neurotransmitters in Habit Formation: Understanding the  main neurochemicals involved in behavior and motivation, and how to use this in identifying and supporting new behaviors.
  • How to Build, Eliminate, & Change Habits The specific tools and exercises  that really work for changing behavior, what to use when, and why. These are different tools from Level 1.
  • “Hardwiring” New Behaviors & Staying the Course How to help your client reinforce new behaviors and “make them stick,” and what to do when stetbacks occur.

4-Month Follow-on Call to Validate Long-Term Progress 

This course will teach you how to make long term changes, so I want to check in with all of you after four months to discuss progress and answer any questions.

You’ll Add More Tools to Your Coaching Toolkit Including:

  • A behavior change roadmap to guide you through the behavior change process.
  • Several different models that visually represent and simplify habit formation and change concepts that you can use with clients to help guide them.
  • A whole new set of questions for each step organized in a comprehensive Question bank combining Levels 1 and 2.
  • A whole new set of exercises and templates organized in a Comprehensive Coaching Tool Summary combining level 1 and 2.
  • In-depth behavior change best practices and exercises.
  • An in-depth diagnostic chart to identify where a client is stuck and what to do about it.

Class Structure

  • The main course will be 10 weeks long, with a 90-minute zoom call each week.
  • There will be a follow-up call four months after the class ends.
  • There will be daily 10 minute exercises where you work on changing your habit.
  • There will be 20-minute audio content recordings as in Level 1, but they will not be every week.
  • The structure of the weekly calls will be a little different. Some will be similar to level 1, and some may go beyond 90 minutes to allow extra time for partner exercises. This will eliminate the need for separate buddy calls while also preserving the benefit of going deeper and practicing with a partner.
  • We will be using the same membership site, so all your materials from Level 1 and 2 will be in one place.

Certificate Requirements 

Here’s what you need to do to get a certificate of completion for Level 2.

          • Have a level 1 certificate of completion.
          • Attend at least 7 out of 10 classes live, and listen to the recordings for any you miss, noting the secret word. (if you want to participate virtually you will have to have a partner doing the class virtually with you as Josh and Paul did for Level 1)
          • If you miss a class with an extensive partner exercise you will need to make it up outside of class.
          • Listen to the 20-minute audio recordings (there will NOT be one every week) and note the secret word.
          • Do the daily exercises at least 5 out of 7 days each week in good faith.
          • Complete class surveys at the end, answering a few questions and entering secret words for audio recordings and any missed live calls.

      Small Class Size

      The only people who can take this are from level 1, so the class size will be small. If I don’t get enough people this time around, I will need to run another Level 1 first. This means I probably won’t be able to offer Level 2 again until Spring 2023.

      Continuing Education Credits

      As with level 1, you will be given everything you need to submit for continuing education credits for this class for BCC and ICF.

      Course Days & Time 

      I will survey the group to see the best day and time for the live calls and when to start.

      Course Price

      The total price of the course paid in full is $1497, or 4 monthly payments of $397. I will add the registration link to this page once I know I have enough people to run it.

      Register Here – Two Payment Options

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      1.  $1497 paid in full.

      2.  Four monthly payments of $397.