Time to Celebrate!

The Schedule:

Friday August 16, 2024

4:00pm Feel free to come hang out at our house or do something else. There is so much to see in Charelston.

6:00pm Pizza & Wings at Our House. Again, you’re welcome here, but also feel free to explore Charleston.

7:30pm TBD. We may hang out at home or head out somewhere depending who wants to do what.

Saturday Aug. 17th 2024

3:35 Arrive at our house. We will arrange to pick up anyone who wants to be dropped off in the limo at the end of the ride.

4:00pm Pictures, appetizers, beverages at our house

5:00pm Dinner: See below.

6:00pm Limo picks us up at our house

  • First stop at the beach for a picture
  • Drive downtown to see some Charleston sites, past MUSC where Erin & Daniel went to school, out to Fred Anderson Toyota where Jon Robert got his auto career start.
  • Enjoy live music on the limo by Paul and Mike with their guitars and possibly Lucy with her violin.
  • Stop at Edmonds Oast Brewing Company for an hour or so.
  • Head home and be back by 10:00pm, dropping off anyone on the way who wants that.

10;00 pm: After party at our house for whomever is interested, still standing, and not falling asleep.



What to wear Saturday: Something cool and comfortable that looks nice in pictures. For women this might be a sundress or light pants, for men maybe khaki’s and a polo. If you want to bring a change of clothes or pair of shorts for the Limo that’s fine. It will be very hot and humid. The house and bus are air conditioned, but the stops and brewery are mostly outside.

Food: Please let me know if you have any dietary needs. I’m happy to accomodate. Friday is pizza and wings with some appetizers – probably cheese and crackers etc. Saturday is gluten-free chicken breasts stuffed with feta and spinach, rolls, and I’m not sure what else yet – I’ll post it here when I know. Dessert is gluten free (GF) chocolate cake and GF coconut cake.

Uber is not always available where we live unfortunately – especially early morning or later into the evening. If you can get one during the day you often have to wait a while. So don’t count on that.

About the Limo Ride:

  • It holds 30 people and we’ll have about 25.
  • There is no bathroom so be sure to take care of that before we leave. We’ll be stopping at the brewery about 2 hours later which has restrooms.
  • We will have drinks, water, and light snacks on the Limo
  • Everyone will be on their own at the Brewery to purchase drinks or food. It is a large outdoor venue with several restaurants around in addition to the brewery. Kind of like a Food Court.
  • Paul and Mike are bringing their guitars, and Lucy may bring her violin, so we’ll have live music and a sing-along. We are desperately asking all  you with good voices to project, project, project.
  • We may borrow our neighbor’s shot-ski, and if you don’t know what that is, you can probably guess. For anyone who wants to partake in that, we will have non-alcoholic, low-alcoholic, and regular options available. Some of us older folks can’t hang like we used to, but at least we can pretend.

Additional Info Needed: You should have received an email from me asking for: Where you’re staying, when you plan to arrive and leave, dietary and drink preferences, and whether you plan to come to our house Friday for pizza. Please reply when you get a chance. Thank you!

Jon & Jackie’s House

1636 Oakhurst Drive, Mount Pleasant SC 29466
Jackie: 919-302-0413   Jon 717-881-1086

Brian & Kathy’s House

1817 West Canning Road, Mount Pleasant SC 29466

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