Flourishing Formula Workshop

This workshop already ran. If you missed it you can watch the free recording by clicking the link below.

In This Workshop You’ll Discover:

  • Three powerful go-to Appreciative Living techniques guaranteed to help you feel better and move you up your “emotional scale.”

  • Why we tend to get stuck in negative feelings during times like this and how to get unstuck.

  • The biggest mistake almost everyone makes when trying to cope with difficult situations and how to avoid it.

  • How you can use Appreciative Living to help others who are struggling, especially if you are a coach or manager.

About Jackie Kelm

Jackie Kelm Headshot
Jackie Kelm is “The Joy Engineer,” and has worked with thousands of people to help them get happier and more engaged in work and life. She is the founder and author of two books on Appreciative Living & offers workshops, consulting, and a coaching certification program. She also designs & facilitates corporate vision summits, and her work has been embraced by companies such as the Duke Integrative Medical Center, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Keurig-Green Mountain. Learn more about her and her work at www.AppreciativeLiving.com.

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