The following two vision statements are from people who have participated in a workshop or other Appreciative Living event. Use these as thought starters, and feel free to borrow liberally!

Vision 1

I am fearless and love my life to the fullest. I anticipate everything with excitement and curiosity. I am engaged in every aspect of my life, facing challenges with competency and courage and approaching each day/moments with enthusiasm.

I stand tall knowing I am competent and compassionate and of value. I am equal in all situations. I have the right to meet my own needs and expectations before anyone else’s.

I respect my body and eat healthy and exercise often. I have the stamina to work and play all day.

I have a happy marriage. We laugh and enjoy each other’s company. I am patient, kind, forgiving, respectful, thoughtful and supportive. We have fun together. We are loving and affectionate.

I live in the moment and go with the flow of whatever happens. I go at my own pace, enjoying all I do and experience. I have total faith that all works out for the best and highest good and I accept whatever happens. I have positive, loving relationships with everyone I choose to be with.

I have a joyful and wonderful life.

Vision 2
I find myself feeling an overwhelming feeling of centeredness, balance and connectedness in my life, my emotional state, my spiritual state, my financial state and my relationships with all of the other people around me.  In that joyful life, I can remain true to myself, as I head down the path of living with and around other people who may or may not have the level of centeredness, balance and connectedness that they might need to live joyful and productive lives.  Nonetheless, I can feel joy and satisfaction as a result of my own ability to strike the right balance, to connect fully with myself, my higher power and the world around me, and to center on my inner core of spiritual abundance.  As I become more centered, balanced and connected, I can allow others around me the right to do so as well, not that they will, but that they might.   As we are all connected in the beauty of the universe, I can positively affect those around me by becoming joyfully centered, balanced and connected.

In my ideal, joy-filled life, I find myself open and available to learning about the world, about other people and most importantly about myself.  I find that I am most often looking at the world from its most positive perspective, working to minimize those negative side effects that one can find in any situation in life.  Truly, the glass is half-full, and I don’t need to remind myself of that fact; I know it, recognize it, and feel it completely and constantly.  I regularly find ways to serve others, sacrificing of myself in ways that aren’t really a sacrifice.

I give all that I am capable of giving to the world, and especially to those close to me.  The gifts that I receive from others are obvious to me, and I multiply their benefits in my heart and in my spirit.  My positive spirit is something that inspires other people to think more positively about their own life, and my joy is increased by seeing their joyfulness improve.  My work is meaningful and appreciated.  My ability to bring laughter, self-confidence, positive attitude and positive growth to others brings me to a higher level of spiritual development than I had ever imagined.  Life is good!

Vision 3
My environment is so happy & alive. I am living easily & simply; & am so fulfilled and joyous; breathing in joy thru my heart, deeply & fully, with divine trust. I am aware, grounded & balanced, with very firm boundaries. Night snacking is over – hurray. I feel peace, joy and much nourishment; and I can easily relax. I enjoy me. I am enjoying nights & even the dark. Imagine that. All allergies & ailments have gone away. What a relief. I’m feeling great. I’m looking great. I’m in great shape and really loving my exercises. My feetsies are healed and feel good too. I love my great body; and I love my fantastic cells. I love my beautiful hair and I feel really good about me. I have all the time I need and am doing what I want. I am calmly & peacefully sleeping thru the night & waking up inspired, happy & energetic, connected to Source, excited about the day, living in gratitude & full of love and passion. Wow, this feels great. Joy continuously runs through my body & cells. I’m imaging well and visualizing with clear vivid pictures. I focus on only feel good things. I know what I want and it comes quickly and easily. Whoosh and its there.  I am living my expression, freely and creatively with purpose and meaning. I express my intents & easily guide my thoughts to what feels good.  I love and take care of me. I am dynamic; I am happily using my power, gifts & strengths. I’m living according to my inner values – expanding and creating. It feels so wonderful. My beliefs & thoughts support me feeling good. I am enjoying life & those around me. I joyously walk with Christ, hand in hand; happy, being vibrant, energetic, joyful, positive, grateful, feeling great, on purpose, feeling healthy and feeling peace. I live in only my own energy & feelings. I am easily getting all the fiber, water, nutrition & ex. I need & loving my exercises. I am fully enjoying life, having lots of fun, laughing & playing a lot.

I am digesting life with ease and I am safe, secure & I do release very easily. All things are so simple and easy. My house takes care of itself. It’s so easy to clean. Life is simple and easy. I ask the right questions for me and take mini-visual breaks often & do action steps toward my desires. My life works fantastic in all ways. I’m so grateful. I’m even good on the piano. I am so enjoying my simple, fulfilling and easy life. All my needs & desires are fulfilled & good for me. I trust the process of life. My understanding is clear. Life is wonderful. I am willing to change with the times and I am living enthusiastically & fulfilled. My thinking is calm and centered. I have a great social life, and do singing, dancing, games and lots of fun things that I really enjoy; along with some structure. I experience an active joyful life. I feel & live in God’s presence & I said “goodbye” to shoulds. I fully take charge of my life. My life is balanced in all ways and I have enough time to do what I want and I do easily relax when I want to.

Abundant money flows in; much more than enuf to do & have whatever I want whenever I want. Thank you.

I am treating me and others with an open heart and love. I am so extremely grateful that I have a healthy emotional life. I am ecstatic that I can & do handle emotions so easily. I just calmly & lovingly notice and experience my emotions and reach into my soul & feel and know my soul is embracing & supporting & loving me (& others) with compassion. I let my emotions run thru me, take action if called for and focus & think on what feels good. I am supporting and taking care of myself in nourishing & loving ways. I release to the highest good.