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About Appreciative Living

Appreciative Living is a powerhouse of tools and strategies for personal development. We are transformation experts, and believe we have one of the fastest and most effective approaches for personal growth and change that sticks.

We begin by helping people figure out what they really want and identify clear measures of success. We support them in blasting through the mental blocks holding them back, and in creating the new identity and beliefs necessary for success. We complete the journey with our step-by-step process for building and reinforcing the new beliefs and behaviors that will create and sustain their ideal life.

We’ve worked thousands of people and a variety of organizations over the years, and we’re on a mission to bring joy and wellbeing to the world. Come join us and discover a level of physical health and happiness you never thought possible, and be a light for others to find their own.

Companies We’ve Worked With

“Jackie Kelm did an outstanding job for us in creating leadership development programs for front-line supervisors across 5 locations in the US and Canada…We work with many outside consultants and I can say without hesitation that Jackie Kelm is one of the best, and I highly recommend her.” 
Prudence Sullivan

Director of Organization Development & Continuous Learning, Keurig-Green Mount Coffee Roasters

CLICK BELOW to LISTEN to Pru Discuss Jackie's Work!

In this Podcast, Pru discusses the key role Jackie Kelm played in developing their 5-Site Leadership program that helped Keurig-Green Mountain go from Small Shop to Million-Dollar Success.

The Team

Jackie Kelm, Founder & Managing Partner

Jackie Kelm is the founder of Appreciative Living, a personal development powerhouse for mental and physical wellbeing. She has helped thousands of people improve their health and happiness through Appreciative Living books, coaching, and classes, while designing and facilitating vision summits and leadership programs for organizations. Formerly, she was a leadership and organization development manager for Ernst & Young, and an engineer for General Motors.

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel, Facilitation & Consulting Associate

Robyn is an AI designer and consultant of over thirty years in the field of human, organization and community development. She is the author of Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions: 21 Strength-based Workshops, and a former consultant for KMPG. Her Positivity Strategist Podcast has been #1 in the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” section with her most recent season focused on Appreciative Leading.

Jen Hetzel-Silbert, Facilitation & Consulting Associate

Jen brings over 20 years of strength-based community facilitation, social entrepreneurship, strategy and economic development in cities, schools, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and indigenous villages around the world. She has facilitated the highest rankings at the CIA, refugee camp survivors in post-civil war Liberia, and a statewide strategic planning process that engaged over 13, 000 people. Formerly, Jen was an organization development consultant and leadership coach for Bearing Point, EDS, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and IBM.