How Do I Sign Up?
To start your 28-day program, complete the form below. After you submit your information in the form, you will be sent a welcome email with templates for doing your exercises. Your program will begin the next day.

When Do I Receive the Emails?
The 28-day email program begins on the day and time you sign up and ends 28 days later. The emails are sent from our server each day at the same time you signed up so they should arrive approximately the same time for you each day.

Can I do the Program Again?
Yes. You may sign up again as many times as you like. The emails are the same each month.

Do I Need Special Software?
You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to download the template file. Click on this link to add this free software to your computer if you do not have it. Download Adobe Reader here

How much does this cost?
It is free for now!

What exactly will I get?
Each day for 28 days you will get an email with a quote and brief inspirational message encouraging you to do your exercises. You will also receive a pdf file with the templates and instructions on how to complete the program. (It is the same 28-day pdf file you received earlier)

I submitted my information on the form, but I never got anything
Check your spam folder, promotions or other folders and the messages should be there. To keep your messages from going into your spam folder, whitelist or add “” (no quotation marks) to your approved senders list. If you still cannot find them, please email us at the address below.

Is the personal information I entered on the form secure?
Absolutely. We do not trade, sell, or give information to any third parties for any reason at any time.

Can I pause the program and resume it later?
No, you may not pause it at this time.

How do I stop the program?
There is an unsubscribe  link at the bottom of every email, so you can stop the program at any time.

I still have questions – where can I get answers?
Email us at with any questions or comments you have about the 28 day program.