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What is Appreciative Living?

Appreciative Living is experiencing life through an Appreciative Mindset that creates joy, wellbeing, and success. It is developed through a set of simple practices and principles that naturally expand your thinking to be more open, positive, and creative, allowing you to see new opportunities and solutions you were blind to before.

It was first presented by Jackie Kelm in 2005 in her book, Appreciative Living. The theoretical foundation is based on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, while pulling from research and best practices from Positive Psychology, neuroscience, and behavior science.

There are three basic steps to developing an appreciative mindset:

  1. Reframing: Appreciating what is.
  2. Picturing: Identifying what you really want.
  3. Experimenting: Taking small steps to get what you want.


Free Joy Package! 

Gift 1: The Flourishing Formula – A step-by-step process that will help you feel better and move forward on your biggest issue, whether it’s being afraid of COVID, being angry about social injustice, getting frustrated with polictical divides, or whatever is keeping you up at night.

Gift 2: Feel Better Each day – On day 2 I’ll send you Part 1 of my minibook, “Getting Started with Appreciative Living.” You’ll learn fundamental principles and tools that will help you develop an “Appreciative Mindset” to become truly happier.

Gift 3: Improve Your Relationships – A week after you’ve had a chance to digest the other gifts, I’ll send you Part 2 of my minibook, “Getting Started with Appreciative Living.” This will focus in on the power of  visioning, creating upward spirals, and other tips for improving your life and relationships.

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Better Health is Only 7 Questions Away. This article explains how to use Appreciative Living questions to help improve your health.

Ten Questions That Will Transform your Marriage or Partnership. Use this interview protocol to improve your intimate relationships.

Finding What’s Right with Your Child. This article sheds light on how to use Appreciative Living as a parent

Six Steps to Finding Your Dream Job. Questions to help you make your next career move.

Walk the Talk: The Principles of AI in Daily Living This article provides a high-level overview of the concepts of Appreciative Living. It was originally published in The AI Practioner. (Pdf download)

Summary of the Appreciative Inquiry Principles This was created from the first Appreciative Living book, and contains a bullet-point summary of the principles of AI. (3-page pdf download)

The AIA Process. Jackie created this 3-step process to apply Appreciative Inquiry in any situation. (2-page pdf download).

Oxford Happiness Questionnaire

Answer a series of questions and find out where you are on the Oxford Happiness scale from 1-6.

Video:  What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Jackie created this 10-minute video to explain Appreciative Inquiry, which contains the principles of Appreciative Living. This video has been played and used in training sessions around the world. If you would like a free download of this video, please email us.

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