Discover a break-through coaching process to get consistent, transformational client results.

And in less time than traditional coaching!

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Hi, I’m Jackie Kelm..

I’ve been on a mission for over 20 years to find the fastest and most effective way to make personal life changes for myself and others, and I believe I finally have it.

My work began by using the principles of Appreciative Inquiry and then I explored and incorporated the best of what’s out there from Positive Psychology and behavioral neuroscience to habit change and Polyvagal Theory.

I put it all together into one cohesive coaching process and set of tools that gets results faster than I even dreamed possible, and that’s what I’m going to share with you here!


Appreciative Living Coaching Helps You Successfully Coach:

The Stuck:

This is the person whose been dealing with the same issue for a while (maybe even a lifetime) and just can’t move past it.

We explain why people get stuck and give you specific questions and tools to help them get unstuck.

The Avoider:

This is the person who manages to creatively avoid dealing with what really matters, or taking action that will make a difference.

Our process takes people through a logical sequence of steps that gives them the clarity, confidence, and inspiration to change so there’s no more avoiding.

The Unclear:

This person doesn’t know what they want, or what they want keeps changing.

We show you how to focus them in on what matters most and move forward in a way that will get results they really want. 

The Yo-Yo’er:

They initially follow through and make progress, but inevitably they fall off the wagon and loose motivation to get back on.

We help you understand what’s really going on and give you powerful techniques for getting them back on-track and helping to keep them there.

Your Twin:

It’s uncanny how people show up with your same issues and there you are thinking to yourself, “I’m struggling with this myself – how can I help them?”

We give you a step-by-step process you can trust to deliver results, so you feel confident no matter who shows up.

The fear of not being able to handle certain client issues can not only cause stress and undermine your confidence as a coach,

it can also cause you to charge less than you’re worth.

If you want to feel confident working with these kinds of clients

using a process you trust,

this program will change everything for you.

Here’s What’s Different About Appreciative Living Coaching

Leading Edge: Integrates research and best practices from many practices such as Appreciative Inquiry, Behavioral Neuroscience, NLP, Positive Psychology, Habit Change, and more into one cohesive model.

Fast: Unlike many coaching models that work at the level of what the client presents, our process helps them go deeper right away and begin working on what really matters. 

Effective: We work at the level of identity and address the deepest core belief systems driving behavior which accelerates change and makes it stick. We also a have a set of proven action-steps that are tailored to each client’s unique situation.

Energizing: The process is solution-focused and strength-based, so it energizes both the coach and client. No more coach burnout or client resistance!

Structured: The coaching process is clearly outlined step-by-step, so results are more consistent from one client to the next. The coach knows what to do and when, so there is no more guesswork on how to help clients get what they want, or fear you won’t be able to help someone. 

Behavior Change Science-Backed: Our coaches are taught the science of behavior change and habit formation which allows them to understand where a client is in the change journey and how best to help them move forward. This knowledge is essential in helping clients make sustainable long-term change.

High-Value: Clients get a lot more value out of the coaching process which which can help with attraction and retention and be a differentiator in the crowded coaching market. 

The client is the expert in the conversation content.

The coach is the expert in the conversation process & behavior change best practices.

This drives optimal, consistent, client-centric transformation.

“Appreciative Living Coaching changed the way I think and coach my clients, and the elements Jackie teaches takes goal achievement to a whole different level. It sets you up for success and helps you course correct along your journey, making the whole coaching experience so much more rewarding and successful.”  

– Stefanie Zizzo, ICF PCC Career & Life Coach

Want to Learn This Transformative Coaching Approach?

Here’s What You Will Experience in the Level 1 Program:

  • Coaching with an Appreciative Mindset to bring out the best in others, with simple practices for developing and maintaining this mindset as a coach.

  • Identifying the Key Change Opportunity for the client that has the most leverage  through a specifically designed set of structured questions that also build motivation for change.

  • Creating a Compelling Platform for change with multiple approaches to help clients get clear about what they want and why it matters.

  • Cultivating Beliefs necessary for success to help clients move past mental roadblocks that keep them from reaching their goals.

  • Designing Behavior Experiments from a recommended set that are most likely to work for clients in taking action that gets results more quickly.

  • “Hardwiring” New Behavior & Belief Changes by nurturing and educating the client through the change journey in a very deliberate way to keep them engaged and motivated for long-term success.

“Appreciative Living Coaching transformed my life! It gave me the courage to explore and reframe the beliefs and fears that held me back from making changes I’ve struggled to make for years. This is the most positive, transformative change model I’ve ever used personally and professionally!” 

 – Leilani Buschau, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Specialist. 

The Level 1 Program is 8 Weeks Long and Includes:


Live Q&A Video Calls:

The calls will be held Friday mornings beginning April 8th, where you and a small group of others will meet with Jackie online to learn the techniques and get all your questions answered. The calls will be very interactive and engaging, and will include a working demonstration of a particular coaching technique each week. All calls will be recorded and posted to the membership site for those who miss or want to review.

Weekly Content Recordings

The big ideas for each week are summarized in a series of bullet points and presented in a 20-minute audio recording you listen to before class. This allows our time in class to be focused on value-added activities such as coaching demonstrations and Q&A, and gives you the opportunity to  learn the material at your own pace.

Daily Practices & Templates

Each week you’ll be given daily practices & templates to help build an appreciative mindset and integrate the ideas for that week. The practices will take no more than 10-15 minutes and you’ll get to experience the change process yourself first-hand.

Comprehensive Workbook

The weekly workbook contains everything you need and summary of everything you’ll learn that week, including bullet points from the audio content recording, class exercise notes, and daily practice details and templates.

Buddy Calls

There are several buddy calls throughout the program where you talk with another class participant to go deeper into the material and practice the coaching techniques. These calls are structured telling you what to say and do and participants often find them a highlight of the program.

Private Facebook Community

You’ll get exclusive access to our coaching Facebook Group that includes members from past programs. You can ask questions, share ideas, or get support from fellow participants.

Secure Membership Site

Everything for the class is organized in our secure membership site where you can easily find and download whatever you need. Everything is downloadable and you will have access to all your materials and recordings for at least one year, and most likely longer.

“This was such a rich and wonderful learning experience. Jackie’s presence and enthusiasm for using an appreciative lens was very powerful and all the different models you shared were invaluable. I’m so glad I signed up and participated – the world needs you and your work!”  

– Pat Whelan, Leadership & Team Coach

You Also Get Our Exclusive Appreciative Living Coaching Toolkit Which Includes:

  • The Appreciative Living 4-Step Coaching Model which provides an overall roadmap of the coaching steps so you know where you are in the change process and what to do next.
  • Core Coaching Tools  to achieve the objectives for each step, such as step-by-step instructions for creating a vision for change that is likely to be successful.
  • Checklists for each step so you know what to complete before moving on to the next step.
  • The Coaching Matrix with a summary of the coaching model, key elements, core questions, and more on one easy-to-reference page.
  • The Question Bank containing a host of questions you can ask at each step of the process to help your client  move forward.
  • The Behavior Change Experiment Summary & Templates which includes proven exercises you can suggest to clients that will help them reach their goals in the fastest and most effecitve way possible. It also includes templates for each exercise.
  • Other support tools such as articles, videos, audio recordings, & more.

Sign up Now & I’ll Add These Great Bonuses!


Bonus 1: Live Workshop on Creating a Coaching Package

Coaching packages are a great way to reduce your time and increase the money you make as a coach. In this live, online workshop, you’ll get to work on creating your own package and learn from other coaches as well.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Is a Package Right for Me? We’ll look at what a coaching package is and explore whether it’s something that makes sense for your business. 
  • What Would I Put in My Package? There are different lengths and types of packages and you’ll have an opportunity to explore what you might put in yours.
  • How Would I Price it? Pricing is always a sensitive topic and I’ll share guidelines for how to price your package.

Bonus 2: Interactive Marketing Workshop Recording

I held a special marketing workshop for Learning Circle Facilitators on how to successfully market and sell the 4-Week Learning Circle Program.  I shared many basic marketing concepts that apply to coaching as well such as:


  • Identifying your target market: The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make is trying to go after too broad of an audience. It seems counterintuitive to narrow your audience when you don’t have enough clients as it is, but this is exactly what you need to do to get more clients. I’ll explain why it works and walk you through an excise to help you identify it for your business.
  • Attracting your target market: Now that you know who you should be selling to, we’ll discuss how to find them. You’ll have an opportunity to brainstorm ideas for your business as well. 
  • Headlines, copywriting, and sales pages: We’ll look at the basics of all three of these core online tools and the key ideas you need for each. I also provide a sample sales page you can use as a model for yours.
  • Creating Your Elevator Pitch: You’ll actually walk through an interactive exercise to create a simple elevator pitch for your business. This is key to helping customers and others understand what you do in a way that inspires them to work with you.

Bonus 3: How to Publish a Non-Fiction Book for First Time Authors

I’ve written several books and published every way possible, from self-publishing to getting published by Penguin-Random House for my second book. I’ll share everything with you including:


  • My Publishing Key Learnings: There are a variety of factors to consider in whether to publish yourself or try and find a publisher. I’ll share the pro’s and con’s I learned along the way and what I recommend for most first-time authors.
  • Self-Publishing Resources: For those who wish to self-publish I share the best way to do that and provide links and names of good resources. 
  • My Book Writing Process: I share briefly how I think about writing a book and the way I go about it.

Appreciative Living Coaching has positively influenced every aspect of my life and work. Through the practices and teachings, I am able to stay at peace most of the time, no matter what is happening around me. When I do become reactive, I am quickly able to recover and feel at peace again. This has had a profound effect on my work as I’m able to support others in developing these same skills so they can be more effective and resilient.” 

– Cassandra O’Neill, Author & Founder of Leadership Alchemy.

Sign-up now

for Appreciative Living Coaching Level 1!

This cohort is now closed. Email us at to learn about the next cohort and get on the wait list.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Order:


  • Weekly live video calls with Jackie and a small group.
  • Daily practices & templates you can use with clients too!
  • Comprehenisve workbook, buddy calls, content audio recordings, articles, videos and more.
  • Exclusive coaching toolkit loaded with step-by-step processes, checklists, question bank, and more.
  • Private Facebook group
  • Secure membership site to find everything easily.
  • Bonus 1: Live Workshop on Creating a Coaching Package.
  • Bonus 2: Interactive Marketing Workshop Recording.
  • Bonus 3: Publishing a book for first-time authors.
  • 100% happiness guarantee.

100% Happiness Guarantee

Your purchase is risk-free. If you are not happy with the program for any reason, simply let us know before the 3rd class and get a full refund.

“This course has been invaluable in helping me navigate my life, and in particular my recent journey with cancer. I am so inspired and empowered by this whole experience and what I’ve been learning that I want to help other women find their way in their journey as well.”   

– Shannon Silva, Campbell California.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will live classes be held?  The live classes are weekly and 90 minutes long.

Do I have to be a coach to take this program? No! Several people have taken it for themselves in the past to learn how to change their own lives and move forward powerfully.

How is the Level 1 program structured? The courses and all materials are completely online and we do our best to accomodate different time zones as our audience is global. Live video calls are held once a week on Zoom, and are recorded and posted to an extensive membership site which hosts all materials.

Is there homework? There are daily excercises that take no more than 10-15 mintes each day that help you develop an Appreciative Mindset and integrate the ideas we teach. Most weeks also have a 20-minute educational audio where the main ideas are presented, and some weeks have coaching buddy practice calls in-between. Live class time is focused on working with the ideas and practicing techniques.

Can I get ICF or BCC credits?  This course should be eligible for 28 hours of continuing education (CE) credits. Past participants were able to successfully get CE units from ICF, so while this course is not formally approved by ICF and we can’t guarantee it, it’s reasonable to assume you would get credit as well if you do everything to receive your certificate (see below). No one submitted for BCC CE credit but it would be expected this course would fufill those requirements as well. We give you all the documentation you need to submit to make it easy for you.

What if I miss a class? All classes will be recorded and you can listen later. To get a certificate you can miss no more than 2 of the 8 live classes.

When are the Bonus Marketing and Coaching Package Workshops? After registering you will be sent a link to the recordings of the workshops which you can watch immediately or any time you wish.

What do I need to do to get a Level 1 Certificate of Completion? You need to do the following: 1. Attend the live classes or listen to the recordings of any you can’t make. 2. Do the daily exercises in good-faith. 3. Listen to the short audio recordings which include a secret word. 4. Complete a final survey where you enter the secret words and answer a few questions about your class experience.

What am I allowed to do with a Level 1 Certificate? You may use any of the tools, templates, processes and other support materials in your life or coaching sessions. You may state you have a Level 1 Certificate in Appreciative Living Coaching and use this as part of your marketing materials, social media, and elsewhere. You do not have permission to teach it to others.

What’s after this? Level 2 is the follow-on course to this and we will announce the next offering during the class. It takes the Level 1 concepts further, looking at shifting life-long patterns, deeply held beliefs, and creating and sustaining long-term changes.

Thank you soooooooooooo much! I felt your course fulfilled what I was looking for; ideal ways to incorporate the principles of Appreciative Inquiry in daily living. I so appreciate this class. I thought it was quite rich in content and applicable resources. Very beneficial!”  

– Brenda Holland-Page, CGA, D. Div. Worklife Fufillment Facilitator

“Because Jackie embodies the Appreciative mindset right down to the bone, her energy and spirit permeated every lesson and had the power to touch each individual and the group mind as a whole. I have never taken a course (and I’ve taken way too many) with such a heart-centered, caring, loving leader. I will never forget the experience. Thank you Jackie!”

– Sandra Paolini, Psychotherapist.  

Other Comments from Past Students

“I’ve taken many psych courses and many coaching courses in my time: This is by far the most comprehensive. The applications/tools distinguish this course from any other in that they are practical, logical, and sequential. New coaches are very fortunate for this exposure. I’m a better coach now than before we started.”

“I now think of a Coach as someone who can actually enable others to make their Dreams Come True.

“Well-organized; full of useful tools and information; easy to implement… I am so grateful for having this work in such an easy-to-follow and retain model, and for Jackie’s very real, authentic presence and teaching!”

“The insights and experience were really fantastic and gave me solid initial ideas about how to use the AI framework in a coaching relationship.

“Jackie is extraordinary at this work and definitely doing what she was put on the earth to do. I feel very blessed to know her and be spreading the work.”

Questions? Contact us by email at or call 704-799-0975