What Can I Get Coaching On?
You can either get private coaching for yourself or I can help you shadow coach someone else.

I’ve worked with people to help them get off the yo-yo dieting track, reduce lifelong anxiety, improve self-worth, find their dream career, organize their life, improve their marriage and more. If there is an area you’ve been stuck your whole life, or something you’ve improved but can’t seem to get all the way there, this approach will help get you there.

How Does it Work?
I’ll be using the Appreciative Living model and exercises I’ve developed over the years that have created transformational results for others. I’ll help you figure out what you really want most in your life and where the most highly leveraged place is for you to make change. Then we’ll design daily practices that take ten minutes or less to help you get there.

What Happens After I Order?
After ordering, you will be sent an intake form where you will be asked a short series of questions to help clarify the purpose of coaching and what you most want to get out of it. You will also be sent a link to my online calendar where you can select a time for our first call.

Calls are typically done using zoom with video, or you can choose to talk by phone.

How Do I Order?
There are 2 different coaching options with the discounted rate at the bottom. Please select the one that fits best for you.


One 50-minute Call for $250 USD



5-Call Package for $997 USD 

($199 per call)

Five 50-minute calls to be completed in 3 months or less.

Questions? Call us at 704-799-0975 or email Admin @ AppreciativeLiving.com