The Joy of Appreciative Living

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Looking for joy? Look no further…

"If you are wondering how to turn your life around
and get more of what you want, I suggest you
read this book and do just what it says."

Dr. Diana Whitney • Chapel Hill, NC

"Jackie's exercises are so simple, you think they
can't  do a thing ... Then one day you begin to see real
changes in your life."

Madelyn B. • Jefferson, MD

"...I still do the exercises regularly and can honestly
say they have and continue to increase the joy in my life."

Rita D. • Ashland, OH

I’m Jackie Kelm, author of The Joy of Appreciative Living, and I encourage you to consider this book if you want more joy in your life. It not only gives you insightful stories and examples of how joy really works, but it also takes you by the hand and gives you everything you need to apply the ideas simply into your life RIGHT NOW. Plus, you can come back to this site and download your FREE complete joy package that contains templates and an on-line email program that will walk you through every step of the program for 28 days. It’s like one-stop shopping for joy! This program worked for 29 out of 30 people across the US and Canada, so chances are it will work for you too!

The book also contains a special chapter that talks about tips for sticking with the exercises, and seven ways you can increase your chances of success with this, or any change program you embark on. There is also a chapter that dives into the differences between happiness and joy, and one that tells you how to use these exercises to create more peace and serenity in your life.

The book is full of practical information and simple steps that have helped many people get on the path to greater joy, and we would love to add you to the growing list! So and get your autographed copy.

What People Are Saying

“This book is full of resources, activities, practices, stories, and examples to help bring “joy” to the forefront of your life. The ideas are clearly presented and provide powerful tools for shaping the futures we most desire for ourselves.”
Dawn Dole • Chagrin Falls, OH

“Full of wisdom hard-earned through Jackie’s own experience…outlines very practical, reliable processes the you can use to shift our life’s journey toward joy!”
Jane Magruder Watkins and Ralph Kelly • Williamsburg, VA

“For me, I felt the biggest benefit of the joy exercises long after the study concluded. When my life descended into a whirlwind I had a new found sense that joy would return to me. I believe now and forever that joy permanently resides in me.”
Celeste T., Durham, NC